John Legend’s Soulful Album Bigger Love

American singer John Legend has released a new album entitled Bigger Love. The overall themes are love/relationships and social issues. 

The music is R&B/Soul. The composition of each song is beautiful and well-structured. There’s an old school vibe throughout the album that gives it a nostalgic feel to it. The piano complements the music of this record. There are great musical flavours with Afro-Caribbean sounds and rhythm paralleling to that of the late Marvin Gaye. The overall feeling is romantic, except for a few songs that focus on personal experiences and social issues in which the music has a different tone.  

John Legend’s voice is bold and smooth with a sophisticated edge to it. He has fantastic duets with Gary Clark Jr., Jhené Aiko, Koffee, Rapsody, and Camper. 

The lyrics are genuine, soulful, expressive, and romantic. A couple of the songs refer to John Legend’s relationship with his wife, Chrissy Teigen:   Slow Cooker and Conversations in the Dark. Other tunes talk about grief and loss, such as Remember Us (with Rapsody), and I’m Ready (featuring Camper). Never Break is a song that’s an ode to love, hope, and resilience, according to sources. John Legend recently performed this song on The Daily Show (currently known as The Daily Social Distancing Show) during protests for Equality. The other love songs throughout the album include Ooh La, Favorite PlaceWild, I do, and Always. There’s a lovely variety of subjects that gives the record an incredible dynamic.

My favourite songs are Never Break, I Do, Slow Cooker, Bigger Love and Focused.

The album Bigger Love is available. 

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