Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – My Kid Won’t Sleep At Night

Chris Mann has released a new parody entitled My Kid Won’t Sleep At Night. It tells the story of a parent whose two-year-old doesn’t want to sleep and tries everything from reading books and warming his bottle. The song refers to a classic The Music of The Night from The Phantom of the Opera. 

The music is Pop/Opera. The beautiful composition of the parody is the same as the original song. The tune’s various tempos represent the struggle of many parents to get their kids to sleep. Fans of The Phantom of the Opera will feel nostalgic hearing this humorous song.

Chris Mann’s voice is magnificent with incredible tonalities. He gave a lovely homage to The Phantom of the Opera. His tone of voice also expresses the struggle of the kids’ bedtime.

The lyrics are humorous and relatable, making it genuine. The song expresses a range of emotions from stress to sadness, with a brief moment of relief. The fact the words are unfiltered makes the tune relatable to parents, especially when Chris Mann asks if it’s okay to slip a bit of Bourbon in the kid’s milk. It ends with the kid finally asleep, and the parent tired, which is also relatable. The words are well-written.

The parody of  My Kid Won’t Sleep At Night is available. 

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