Single Saturdays: Stephanie Owens – Work for Shoes

American artist Stephanie Owens has released a new single entitled Work for Shoes. The song tells the story of a girl who saves up her money to buy shoes. 

The music is Country. The sound is cheerful, with an incredible rhythm. It starts with a fast beat, then slows down in tempo around the third verse, to fast again. The instruments heard in this song include the guitar, the bass, and the drums. The producers are Stephanie Owens and Lee Holland.  

Stephanie Owens’s voice is beautiful and bubbly. She expresses the excitement of buying shoes, which many understand, especially women. She adapts her vocal style according to the beat.

The lyrics are cute and fun. Stephanie Owens, Melissa Sheridan, and John Allan Miller wrote this song. Many women I know can relate to the subject of the shoe fetish. It may be simple, but it’s accurate for many. The mention of the designers Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo adds specificity to the shoe fetish. Many of us can also understand and relate to feeling overwhelmed by the many options (colour, design, etc.). The lyrics are well-written.

The single Work for Shoes is available.

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