Matt Lang’s Latest EP More

Canadian singer Matt Lang has released a new EP entitled More. The overall themes are love and heartbreak, as well as drinking one’s emotions. 

The music is Country. The beat is catchy with intricated compositions. There’s a Garth Brooks vibe that adds flavour to the EP. The presence of the guitar is fantastic and reflects the specific mood of each song. 

Matt Lang’s voice is husky and versatile. He sings according to the feeling of the songs from joy to sadness, as well as references to being drunk. His vocal style is incredible and bold.

The lyrics are authentic and well-written, as well as unfiltered. The eight songs of the EP have raw emotions that make the words genuine and from the heart. The tunes More and Only A Woman are romantic and sentimental. Both express wanting more in a relationship, to which one can relate. The songs Water Down The Whiskey, In A Bar, are about drinking through good or bad times. The tune Better When I Drink is about drinking one’s emotions down during a breakup This EP covers various themes and feelings smoothly and impressively.

My favourite songs are More and Only A Woman.

The EP More is available. 

Side Note
The song Better When I Drink contains Coarse Language.
Listener Discretion is Advised

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