Single Saturdays: Sydney – Fake Love

Canadian and Quebecois singer Sydney has released another single entitled Fake Love, a remake from Korean K-Pop group BTS. It’s the story of feeling fed up with a relationship that is a waste of time. 

The music is Pop combined with Rap and K-Pop. The edgy parts of the song reflect the heartbreak/heartache following a fake love and lies. The slower beats, however, represent the self-reflection of the subject experiences. The wavy rhythm of sounds refers to the up and downs during the post-breakup period. The music of Sydney’s version is slower but just as amazing as the original version- it became her version of a popular song.

Sydney’s voice is bold and expressive. She sings her heart out in this song. She captures the mixed emotions during the breakup and the disappointment of fake love.

The lyrics are from the girl’s perspective, instead of a guy’s perspective, like the BTS version. The breakup story is a relatable and timeless subject, nicely expressed by Sydney’s version. Hyo Won Kang, Kim Nam Jun, and Si Hiuk Bang wrote the song.  

The single Fake Love by Sydney is available.

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