First Single Fridays: Sydney – Is That Ok?

Canadian and Quebecoise artist Sydney has released her first single entitled Is That OK. It tells the story from a teen’s perspective, questioning what acceptable behaviour on social media is.

The music is a combination of Pop and R&B. It parallels to Drake’s works such as Hotline Bling. The song has a catchy beat with a wavy rhythm that reflects the various moods, including uncertainty and curiosity. The incredible and complex composition reflects those mixed feelings. The music also reminds me of Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name and Survivor. 

Sydney’s voice is rich in tonalities and rhythm. She sings with edge and attitude, yet full of heart and soul.

The lyrics are expressive and from the heart. The social media references are relevant today, such as obsessive behaviour with getting the most likes and followers, as well as obsessing over one’s looks. The song is from a teenager’s perspective, where he/she questions the purpose of social media and maybe filters. It appears there are more questions than answers. The words are simplistic and well-written. 

The single Is That OK is available.

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