Single Saturdays: Sally Folk – Les Amourettes

Canadian and Quebecoise artist Sally Folk has a new single Les Amourettes (Small love stories). The song talks about superficial relationships as well as pointless flings. 

The music is Pop combined with Disco and Psychedelic sounds. The vibe is the late 60s / early 70s, similar to Woodstock. The beat is fantastic, with a mix of the guitar and the drums giving the song a well-structured composition. The variety of melodies and tones provides the song with an intricate and epic blend of rhythms.

Sally Folk’s voice is magnificent and bold. She sings with strength and confidence. She captures the emotions many of us feel when it comes to those superficial relationships.

The lyrics have a depth to them that’s from the heart, regarding the challenges of relationships. There are various emotions expressed in this song, such as being assertive and frustration. The words are relatable, and many of us desire a genuine relationship, as oppose to a little fling that doesn’t last long. The poetry, written in freestyle has a well-thought-out to flow to it. 

The single Les Amourettes is available.

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