Single Saturdays: Ben Adams – I Can’t Let Go

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British Popstar Ben Adams has released a new single entitled I Can’t Let Go. The song tells the story of the struggles and anxieties one feels during a relationship. 

The music is Brit Pop. The song parallels to classics from the group a1 of which Ben Adams is a member, such as Take on Me with a slower beat The techno music in the background reminds of Techno mixed with Oriental melodies. The third verse has an R&B sound similar to the rhythm of the song Say My Name by Destiny’s Child. The piano in the background compliments the romantic mood of the song. There are fantastic transitions of rhythms and beats. 

Ben Adams’ voice is incredible, deep and smooth. He boldly changes the depth of his voice in different parts of the song.

The lyrics are expressive and bold. The song describes the challenges but also the romantic aspect of relationships. The use of repetition is well-done such as the examples ” close my eyes, close my ears…” demonstrates the internal conflict the person feels. The words are easy to follow and relatable. The mix of emotions is a common occurrence in any relationship, as this single perfectly demonstrates. 

The single  I Can’t Let Go is available.

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