Mara Tremblay’s Latest Album Uniquement Pour Toi

Canadian and Quebecoise artist Mara Tremblay has released a new album entitled Uniquement Pour Toi (Only for you). The overall themes are love and self-reflection.

The music is Alternative/ Musique Francophone. The songs have a soft and soothing melody. The compositions are fantastic with diverse instruments in the background, such as the guitar (electric) and the piano. The music reminds me of works by the Mamas & the Papas, as well as  Here Comes the Sun by the late George Harrison. Some songs have a calming sound that I feel like meditating.

Mara Tremblay’s voice is soft and bold. She sings with rhythm and grace, capturing the emotion conveyed in the song. There’s a boldness to her vocal style. 

The lyrics are poetic and romantic. The self-reflection in each song has a deep presence. The metaphors and symbols play a significant role in the overall feel of the album in which the words inspire listening to use one’s imagination. There are two examples Paris and Je Reste Ici (I stay here) that demonstrate this. Each tune tells a story with lyrics that are from the heart, making them genuine and authentic.  

My favourite songs are Le Jour Va Où Tu Le Mènes (the day goes where you take it), Comme Un Cadeau (Like a gift), and Il Me Faut L’amour (I need love).

The album Uniquement Pour Toi is available.

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