MusiFlo – 5th Anniversary

In honour of the 5th Anniversary of MusiFlo

June 1, 2020, marks the 5th anniversary of MusiFlo. Wow! Time flies! It has been an incredible journey. I learned a lot in these five years. I remember my first two articles – one was about Jonny Zye (back then Jonny Zywiciel) and the other about Bastian Baker, a swiss pop star.  

The story started with a discussion with my friend in a chat about wanted to discover different types of music. I was also dealing with a personal situation that was upsetting back then. At first, this blog started as a distraction, and then I realized the possibilities were endless, once I began the research. With time, I came up with ideas for specific types of articles: Soundtrack Saturdays, Single Saturdays, First Album Fridays, Etc. I changed my writing style by organizing it into four parts: Description of the song or the Album, Music, Voice and Lyrics. I also learned what needs focus and avoid “rambling” in my articles/reviews. I enjoy the mix of consistency (writing weekly) and variety (each week is unique).

I want to take a moment to thank my readers and my followers (on my blog and social media). I want to thank my friends, especially my former web/graphic design teacher, whose advice was valuable. To the artists out there, thank you for being inspirational. You do incredible work. I wish you all success. Those who follow me on any of my social media platforms and even share my articles Thank You!!! I appreciate the support I have received in these five years.

I look forward to continuing to discover more music. I hope to expand the blog someday, going beyond writing reviews.

Thank you all again!

Flora Youssef
Founder of MusiFlo

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