Guylaine Tanguay’s Homage to Country Music

Canadian and Québéboise singer Guylaine Tanguay has released a cover album of Country songs entitled Country. It is an homage to classics such as Zachary Richard L’arbre est dans ses feuilles (The tree is in its leaves). The record includes Je Crois En Nous (I believe in us), a duet with Maxime Landry. 

The music is classical Country music. The album has a nostalgic feel to it that would make one want to go down memory lane. Some of the songs remind of works by Tim McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill. The guitar in the background is fantastic, a trademark of Country. The compositions have a lovely mix of classic and modern. 

Guylaine Tanguay’s voice is beautiful and rhythmic. She captures the essence of Country music. She honours the classics with grace and style.

The album  Country is available.

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