Single Saturdays: Léa Jarry – À deux

Canadian singer Léa Jarry has a new single out entitled  À Deux (The two of us)It’s a love story of a couple committed to one another, heading into the next chapter of their relationship.

The music is a mix of Pop and Country. Léa Jarry composed the song magnificently. The combination of the guitar and the banjo gives the song a cozy and personal feel to it. The beat has a medium pace of fast and slow. The sound engineer behind this lovely tune is John Anthony Gagnon-Robinette. The tempo of the music is gradual, leading to an uplifting sound that gives the song a Summer feel.

Léa Jarry’s voice is soft and silvery with a reassuring tone to the significant other. She sings from the heart with grace and love. She captures the emotions perfectly. 

The lyrics are bold, descriptive and romantic, full of heart and soul. There are beautiful metaphors such as Spring and the river. Spring represents new beginnings or a new chapter in life. The river is a symbol of how the journey can have the element of surprise. The song tells the incredible bold story of a couple who are together through the good and the bad times. It’s also about the progression of the relationship, including being on one knee, a reference to a marriage proposal.

The single  À Deux is available.

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