Single Saturdays Laurence St-Martin (feat. King Melrose) – Soyons-nous

Canadian and Quebec singer Laurence St-Martin has a single Soyons-nous (Let’s be ourselves) featuring King Melrose from her album Fîlles Des Illes. It’s a sweet love story that celebrates being who you are with your significant other.

The music is French Pop. The guitar in the background adds a romantic touch to the song. The beat is wavy with smooth changes in music. The transition of the pace of the piece is smooth and impeccable. There’s a lovely Country/small-town vibe to it that is part of Laurence St-Martin’s style. It is a song that I imagine playing during the Summer season.  

Laurence St Martin sings with King Melrose in a nice duet. They perform with a beautiful rhythm. Their voices compliment each other nicely and in sync with one another. 

The lyrics are romantic with poetic verses. The song has two different perspectives from both subjects that add an impressive dynamic. There are two rhyming structures: ABAB and AABB, along with beautiful freestyle poetry. The words have a simplicity to them, but they express so much when it comes to love, especially being selfless and devoted to one’s significant other.  

The single Soyons-Nous is available.

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