Single Saturdays: Milky Chance -Don’t Let Me Down feat Jack Johnson

German band Milky Chance has a new single entitled Don’t Let Me Down feat Jack Johnson. The song tells the story of a guy dealing with the loss of his love going to heaven.

The music is Alternative. The beat is incredible with a wavy sound. The instruments heard in this single are the guitar and the drums. The composition is beautiful and well-structured. The music compliments the song as it reflects the emotions (grief and anxiety) well.

Clemens Rehbein’s voice is fantastic and expressive. He sings with a magnificent rhythm describing how he feels about missing his significant other.

The lyrics are simplistic, as well as genuine and full of emotion. The song deals with mixed feelings about the man’s significant other passing away. Asking for respect and understanding from heaven is relatable, which makes it authentic. The words are well-written with fantastic poetry. The dream aspect of the song is a common mechanism to cope with the loss of a loved one. The tune deals with the different points of grief and loss correctly.

The single Don’t Let Me Down is available.

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