Single Saturdays: Pat Groulx et les Bas Blancs – Tout le monde dehors

Canadian and Quebecois comedian/singer, Patrick Groulx with his group Les Bas Blancs (The white socks), has a new single entitled Tout le monde dehors (Everybody Outside). The song is about resuming life after the lockdown during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The music is a combination of Folk and Country. There’s an incredible band playing the guitar, the drums, and the banjo. The beat is uplifting, and it makes one want to get and dance. The composition is well-structured that has a nostalgic feel to it. The sound and the vibe reflect the Folksy music of Quebec. 

Patrick Groulx has a fantastic voice that is vibrant and jovial. He expresses the sentiment felt by many of getting back to life. His voice is flowy and rhythmic.

The lyrics are expressive and celebrating resuming normalcy to everyday life again. One of my favourite bits of the song is when he mentions going to a hair salon after a long time in quarantine. It’s something many of us are looking forward to doing someday. The song says references to Quebec culture, including mentioning various towns like Val-D’Or and Terrebonne. The words are genuine and relatable. That includes a hint of looking forward to seeing family and friends in person instead of through a screen. It describes the hope that life will get back to normal someday, which is understandable.

The single Tout le monde dehors is now available.

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