Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – I Call My Friends on Zoom

American singer Chris Mann has released a new parody entitled I Call My Friends on Zoom. It’s a reference to Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do. The song tells the story of a guy who didn’t let a pandemic stop his social and went to Zoom to keep in touch with friends. 

The music is Pop. The song follows the composition of the original version. The verses have a slow beat; then, it increases slowly in tempo before the chorus. When the chorus comes along, the rhythm is upbeat and makes one want to dance, especially during a lockdown. The music reminds me of the techno songs from the 90s, which is nostalgic. It’s a well-done mix of old school with a contemporary sound. 

Chris Mann’s voice is fantastic and versatile. He sings with the same vocal style as Taylor Swift’s Look What You Made Me Do. He has a good rhythm to his singing. He performs this tune with joy, optimism and hope. 

The lyrics are expressive of the feelings many feel during a lockdown and solutions to keeping in touch with friends while maintaining social distancing. It’s a relatable song with a personal touch where Chris Mann mentions his family. However, there are also challenges, such as doing game night virtually. The parody is dynamic with multiple layers to deal with the confinement and isolation due to the pandemic.

The single I Call My Friends on Zoom is available. 

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