First EP Fridays: SOMMM’s Eponym EP

SOMMM, a duo consisting of Arianne Moffatt and D R M S. The overall themes are love and self-reflection.

The music is a mix of electro-pop, hip-hop, and dance. It has a sound that reminds of works by DJ Darud and the band Eiffel 65. The melodies of the songs have a flowy composition that is smooth and calming. The primary composers are Ariane Moffatt and Étienne Dupuis-Cloutier, who composed with others such as Clay and friends, and Marc Vincent. The music reminds me of meditation videos or songs in albums or applications to calm the mind down.

Ariane Moffatt and D R M S have collaborated with a range of artists. The voices of all the artists sound harmonious in every song.

The lyrics are abstract, which leaves room for the imagination. That includes metaphors, which inspire room for interpretation. The fact the words are limited makes the songs interesting. Sometimes, saying very little can go along way. The lyrics are genuine and full of emotion. Ariane Moffatt and D R M S are also the primary lyricists of the album. They did a fantastic job with poetry and speaking from the heart.

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