Single Saturdays: Assi El Hallani – Baashaek

Lebanese singer Assi El Hallani has released a new single entitled  Baashaek (I Love You). It’s a sweet story about love and family.

The music is Arabic Pop. Mohamed Obay composed this lovely song. It starts with a slow beat; then, it increases slightly in tempo. The piano in the background acoustically gives the tune a personal touch, especially in the video. The music reminds me of Assi El Hallani’s older songs. The composition is well-structured with a great rhythm.

Assi El Hallani’s voice is silvery and rich with love for his family. He sings from the heart with rhythm, which makes his performance authentic. 

The lyrics are beautiful and express genuine love. Ehab Abdel Azim wrote the song with heart and soul. The words are romantic and sweet, rich in poetic language. It’s about honouring your significant other, showing them the love they deserve and reassuring them. Being there for another is essential in any difficult situation, including the COVID-19 Pandemic, as clearly expressed in this song. Well done!

The single Baashaek is available.

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