Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram – El Omr

Lebanese Popstar Nancy Ajram has released a new single El-Omr (Life) for the Arabic TV Series, a comedy entitled Sekar Zeyyada (Too Much Sugar)The song tells the story about relationships and life’s ups and downs. 

The music is Arabic Pop, which parallels Ragheb Alama’s classic works from the 80s, including Taw’aam Rouhi (My soulmate or my soul’s twin), Fark Kebir (Major contrast) and Hamdellah Aal Salama (Thank God for your safety or Welcome back)The sound is upbeat and catchy. Walid Saad composed the song with the show in mind, from what I have read and heard about it. The beat also has a vintage feel of the Classic Arabic music, which had me thinking of Ragheb Alama’s earlier songs. 

Nancy Ajram’s voice is lovely and sweet. She follows the rhythm nicely with an incredible adaptation to the change in tempo. She sings with joy and enthusiasm, capturing the mood of the song and the comedy.

The lyrics are romantic and cheerful. The words are simple, which have me thinking that it reflects enjoying the simple things in life as well as love one another. Tamer Hussein wrote the lyrics of El-Omr with structure and poetry. The song also has a vibe of looking and moving forward in life. There’s a friendly comradery that refers to the story of the Arabic, more specifically Egyptian TV series. The words are uplifting and full of hope.

The single El-Omr is available.

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