Single Saturdays: Lee Ryan – Mockingbirds

British Popstar Lee Ryan has released a new single entitled Mockingbirds. It’s a sombre song that talks about how humans are treating the planet/environment poorly through the metaphor of Mockingbirds. 

The music is Pop/Brit Pop. It starts with a slow and heavy beat then increases in tempo at the chorus. The piano plays an integral part in the tune to reflect the dark mood. The composition is incredible and well-structured, with a well-thought variety in rhythm and sound. The fade-out of the piano is magnificent, gives the song a nice touch.

Lee Ryan’s voice is silvery and husky. He sings the importance of respecting the environment and solidarity expressively. He has an incredible rhythm in his vocal styles.

The lyrics are full of emotions and metaphors, written poetically. The song is thought-provoking, especially in the midst of the climate change discussion. The dark and maybe apocalyptic vibe of the tune is a way to pass the message that the planet earth is in crisis, and humans need to find a solution collectively. The titled Mockingbirds is a metaphor that sums up the dire situation the world faces in modern times. The words are well-thought-out and well-written.

The single Mockingbirds is available.

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