Single Saturdays: Brittany Kennell – Eat Drink Remarry

Canadian singer Brittany Kennell has a new single out entitled Eat, Drink, Remarry. The song tells a story about the possibility of having more than one “true love.”

The music is Country music, similar to the classic style. The sound is cheerful with a catchy beat. It parallels the melodies of classic songs by Dolly Parton and Faith Hill. The verses have a slow rhythm, and then it increases gradually and nicely as the chorus comes along. The guitar in the background compliments the mood and the composition well.

Brittany Kennell’s voice is incredible and husky. She sings with the style of Classic Country music with a contemporary touch. She has confidence, edge and attitude in her singing.

The lyrics are sweet and romantic, as well as inspirational. The song is about living one’s life without caring what people think, especially with regards to relationships/marriages. Brittany Kennell and Emily Reid wrote the lyrics to Eat Drink Remarry. The girls did a fantastic job describing what a confident woman is, living the life the way she sees fit.   

The single  Eat Drink Remarry is available.

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