Single Saturdays: The Kiffness -Father & Son

A Cat Stevens Lockdown Parody

South African artist The Kiffness has released a new parody/cover entitled Father & Son. It’s a reference to a Cat Stevens classic song with the same title. The story is about a father who advises his son during the lockdown in the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  

The music is a mix of pop and folk, with a 70s touch to it – an homage to Cat Stevens’ classic hit Father & Son. The acoustic performance is touching with the guitar in the background, done with a nostalgic feel to it. The song has a flowy, soothing and relaxing composition. The music is beautifully structured and well-thought-out.

The duet of The Kiffness and his father is beautiful, genuine, and from the heart. It’s a sweet father/son conversation done through singing. The Kiffness has an impressive vocal style, which demonstrates his incredible variety in the vocal range.  

The lyrics are poetic, personal and also from the heart. The words are relatable as it covers the topic of anxiety, which many people feel during the lockdown in the time of COVID-19. The father/son moment shines through in the lyrics magnificently. The father advises the son with words of wisdom and positivity. The son expresses his concern with transparency and even vulnerability that adds lovely humanity to this parody of a Cat Stevens classic. The lyrics show how no matter what age you are, you need your parents for comfort and guidance. The words have a heart and soul to them. Beautiful words!

The single Father & Son (Cat Stevens Lockdown Parody) is available. 

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