Eric Ethridge’s Latest EP – Forever With You

Canadian singer Eric Ethridge has released a new EP entitled Forever With You. The themes are love and life.

The music is Country. The melody is smooth, with a well-structured composition for each song. Hearing the guitar in the background is a classic detail of Country music. There’s a road trip vibe to the album, which in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic may have people dreaming of travelling again. There’s also a lovely Summer feel to the record. Both of these things are romantic.

Eric Ethridge’s voice is beautiful and full of soul. He has a distinct singing style that is remarkable. He sings rhythmically with a fantastic tempo in his vocals.

The lyrics are romantic and sweet. There are clever references to chic movies (the clichés) and specific details of love stories. I can imagine hearing these songs at a wedding, especially the first dance for the newlyweds.  Dreamgirl and Miss Me are the two songs that cover the topic of heartbreak in a relatable manner. The words in every tune are from the heart and genuine.  Gasoline is an apt metaphor for the intensity of new love or the mixed feelings in regards to it.

My favourite songs are  Forever With You and Break Your Heart.

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