Single Saturdays: Avril Lavigne – We Are Warriors

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne released a new single entitled We Are Warriors.  The song honours Frontline workers through words of support and encouragement. It’s a metaphor for fighting against something unseen.

The music Pop. The song starts with a slow rhythm then increases in tempo when the chorus comes along. The piano and the beat of the drum have a harmonious and beautiful blend of sounds. The music fades out before the chorus and at the end of the tune. The composition flows smoothly and precisely.

Avril Lavigne’s voice is soulful and sweet. She sings from the heart as she honours the Frontline Workers. She has an incredible determination and passion in the way she sings, as well as hope. 

The lyrics are well-written with lovely freestyle poetry. The words are inspirational, full of hope, faith and solidarity. There’s an incredible sense of compassion throughout the song. Warrior is a metaphor that represents the courage and perseverance the Frontline Workers have during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The lyrics have a beautiful depth and richness that is impressive. 

The single, We Are Warriors, is available.

To help with Project HOPE’s COVID-19 relief efforts around the world,
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