Single Saturdays: Chris Mann – Old Fashioned

American artist Chris Mann has released a new single entitled Old Fashioned, an original song of hisIt tells the story of a man enjoying a date night with his wife. 

The music is Pop. The beat has a 90s vibe that reminds me of the music of the 90s boy bands, like Nsync and 98˚ Degrees. The sound is cheerful and makes one want to get up and dance. The composition is artistic and creative, with a fantastic rhythm. The music is engaging and cheers people up.

Chris Mann’s voice is sweet and soulful, as well as romantic. He has a beautiful vocal range, going from deep to high and vice-versa. He’s genuine in the way he expresses his feelings. 

Chris Mann, Willy Beaman and Cameron Forbes wrote the lyrics to Old Fashioned. The song inspires listeners to appreciate the little things in life, especially in relationships. The words are romantic, cute and sweet. The tune expresses nicely what true happiness and true love are. The lyrics are from the heart and authentic.  

The single Old Fashioned is available. 

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