Single Saturdays: Lean on Me – Artists CAN

A group of talented Canadian artists have released an incredible cover of a Bill Withers classic Lean On Me.  

The music is Pop. The sound quality is fantastic and organized, with each artist performing in his or her home. The logistics to compose the music of this cover are impressive. There’s a lovely modern twist to a classic song that gives it an incredible beat, and it ends with a nice fade-out that provides listeners with hope. The composition is well-structured.

The group of Canadian artists include Michael BublĂ©, Bryan Adams, Drake, Marie-Mai, Justin Bieber, etc. The singers all sang in sync with one another while being separated in their respective homes. There are beautiful solidarity and hope heard in this great cover of Bill Withers’ classic hit Lean on Me. It is incredible to listen to the two official languages of Canada: English and French performed in this rendition of Lean On Me.   

Lean on Me by Artists CAN is available,

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