Maddie & Tae’s Third Album The Way It Feels

The American duo Maddie & Tae has released their third album entitled The Way It Feels. The overall themes are Love, Heartbreak/Breakups, and Storytelling.  

The music is Country. The guitar, a classic choice of instrument, in Country music, adds a lovely touch to the album. Each song has a suitable beat according to the specific subject- there’s a splendid combination of classical Country music with contemporary styles. The catchy music reminds of the works of Dolly Parton, Reba, and Shania Twain.  

Maddie & Tae’s voices are incredible and complementary to each other. They sing and express themselves from the heart with passion and authenticity.

The lyrics are well-written and descriptive. The storytelling aspect of the album covers timeless subjects like relationships and breakups well. The words are genuine, as well as relatable and help through the good and bad times in life. The descriptive lyrics give way to one’s imagination and memories that connect with the listeners. The words are well-thought-out and full of a personal feel to them. 

My favourite songs are Everywhere I’m Going, Tourist in this Town, Die From a Broken Heart, Write a Book and Friends Don’t. 

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