Louis-Jean Cormier’s Latest Album Quand La Nuit Tombe

Canadian and Quebecois singer Louis-Jean Cormier has released a new album entitled Quand La Nuit Tombe (When The Night Falls). The overall themes are love, life and self-reflection.

The music is Musique Francophone/alternative with touches of psychedelic, rap and folk. The mix of genres in this album is impressive and smooth.  Tout Tombe à sa place (Everything Falls into Place) is a tune that reminds me of the works of the group Imagine Dragons. Face au Vent (Facing the wind) has a sound parallel to the songs of Queen and David Bowie. The guitar bit of the song reminds me of Brian May’s guitar playing in hits like We Will Rock You and Don’t Stop Me Now. Je Me Moi has a style that is similar to David Bowie’s 90s hits. Ravin reminds me of an 80s classic Don’t Stop Believing, but with a slower beat.  La Photo (the picture) has a beat that sounds similar to George Michael’s single  Freedom, and Claude François’ Le telephone pleure (the phone cries) and Le Lundi Au Soleil (Monday in the Sun) (beginning). These are some examples. There are so many little parallels – it’s incredible!

Louis-Jean Cormier’s voice is dynamic, husky and flowy. He varies his singing tempo- he adapts to the music. He also did an impressive rap in the song Les Poings Ouverts with artist David Goudreault. The vocals are incredible and authentic. 

The lyrics have a depth to them, with words rich in poetry. Each song tells a personal story about different parts of his life. I read the description of each song on iTunes in the section of the album  Quand La Nuit Tombe- I listened to those tunes with a different perspective. There’s a wide range of feelings from confusion to joy, expressed with precision and style. The rich language helps with one’s imagination. The imagery may be abstract but magnificent. 

My favourite songs are Tout Tombe à sa place, La Photo, and Face Au Vent.

Contains coarse language: Listener Discretion Advised

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