Jean-Pierre Ferland’s Latest Album Partir Au Vent

Canadian and Quebecois artist Jean-Pierre Ferland has a new album entitled Partir Au Vent (Leaving into the wind). The overall themes are love and storytelling. 

The music is Classic French Pop. The instruments heard in the album are the piano, the guitar, the violin, and the organ that give the record a beautiful sound—the compositions of the songs parallel to the classic French songs from the 70s and 80s. The structure of the music is fantastic and smooth. The feel of the album reminds me of travelling to chalets either in Fall or Winter or quietly sitting by a cozy little fire.  

Jean-Pierre Ferland’s voice is deep and soulful- he sings expressively with passion. He honours the Classic French music and Quebec culture well. 

The lyrics are romantic and expressive. The cultural references and the storytelling aspect in the songs are a lovely ode to Quebec culture and French music in general. The album has songs with lyrics rich in language, poetry, metaphors, and imagery. For example, Chanson Pour Félix (A Song for Felix) is a parallel to classic songs by the late Félix Leclerc as well as Gilles Vigneault, the late Charles Aznavour, and other French singers/poets.  

My favourite songs are Chanson Pour FélixMa Chambre (My room), Un Gentil Homme et Un Champion (a gentleman and a champion), and Les Noces D’or. 

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