Single Saturdays: Guylaine Tanguay & Maxime Landry – Je Crois en Nous

Canadian and Quebecois artists Guylaine Tanguay and Maxime Landry have released a new single to cheer people up during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s called Je Crois En Nous (I Believe In Us). It’s about solidarity for one another (separately) to get through these tough times. Tom Douglas, David Wesley Haywood, Charle B Kelly, Hillary Scott, and Nelson Minville wrote and composed this single.

The music is French Pop/Country. The sound is upbeat and cozy with a beautiful rhythm. The guitar in an acoustic performance gives the song a homey feel to it, making people smile. The drums in the background also complement the reassuring mood of the song in the beginning. The way the tune ends on a fade out of the guitar is incredible.

Guylaine Tanguay and Maxime Landry sing incredibly together. Their voices compliment each other nicely with their musical styles-a lovely mix of Pop and Country. The performance is impressive because they did the song while staying at home. They sing with reassurance, hope and compassion. 

The lyrics are inspirational and full of hope. The words of encouragement are intricate with beautiful freestyle poetry. There’s an incredible and optimistic message behind the songs, which is never to give up. There are fantastic poetic techniques such as personification and symbols/metaphors. The line “Quand l’amour est à genoux” means when love is on its knees, which represents the vulnerability of humanity in a difficult situation, before the line “Je crois en nous” in a personification That line represents hope and faith. “The line la pluie vient mouiller mes joues” (when the rain touches my face) is a metaphor for the sadness one feels during tough times. However, there are optimistic lines: “On f’ra le chemin Qui mène aux beaux jours,” which means we’ll make the journey to brighter days. The positivity of the lyrics shines through like a ray of sunshine.

The single Je Crois en Nous is available.

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