Flashback Fridays: Martine St-Clair – Lavez Lavez

Canadian and Quebecoise singer Martine St-Clair has re-released a famous hit entitled Lavez Lavez (Wash/Clean). It’s a song about the importance of cleaning and hygiene.

The music is French Pop/Musique Francophone. The sound is upbeat and cheerful, with a Summer vibe. The beat is intricate with a timeless feel to it, as if released today, with a magnificent composition.

Martine St-Clair’s voice is beautiful and smooth. She sounds upbeat and full of enthusiasm. Her vocal style reminds me of Gloria Estefan’s songs from the late 90s. 

The lyrics are straightforward and explanatory, done with simplicity. The words are about the importance of cleanliness and making sure everything is spic and span. The song is well-written

The link to donate to Regroupement Partage in Quebec

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