The Kiffness & His Parodies- During COVID-19

South African artist The Kiffness has created entertaining parodies that refer to the isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. He’s another artist to have parodied famous hits. The music is electric, along with a variety of other genres. His voice is smooth, with an incredible tempo. The Kiffness captures the various moods that many of us feel, as I mentioned in another article. It varies from confusion to becoming more self-aware.

The Kiffness is known to parody songs. For the last three weeks, he has been spoofing tunes in the context of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. The composition of his spoofs is well-structured, just like the original songs.

The lyrics have the same structure as the original songs to which the Kiffness makes reference. He has incredible rhyming in his parodies- the words are well-written and well-thought-out.

Here are some parodies below, my favourites.

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