Single Saturdays: Rayan – Maa Baad

Armenian-Lebanese singer Rayan has a new single entitled Maa Baad (Together). It’s a story about a guy who has to accept, with difficulty, that the relationship isn’t working out. 

The music is Arabic Pop, with some classical Arabic style, known as Tarab. Ahmad Akkad composed the song beautifully. The beat is a combination of slow with some fast-tempo bits to express a variety of emotions(i.e. sadness and confusion). The chorus has an intense beat that reflects the pain the man is feeling in learning to accept that the relationship can’t work out. The slower tempo in the verses represents the guy’s reasoning and debating within himself—the switch from fast to slow and vice-versa.

Rayan’s voice is husky and silvery, rich in rhythm. He truly captures the mixed emotions one feels during the difficult times of separation.

The lyrics have a poetic way to express heartbreak and grief. The rhyming style of poetry is AABB. There’s a well-explained back and forth in the man’s mind about continuing the relationship with his significant other. It’s relatable whether it’s trying to salvage the bond or going through a break-up. Mohamad Nakouzi wrote the lyrics with precision and style, especially with the topic of a possible separation. The words are well-written.

The single Maa Baad is available.

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