Single Saturdays: My Silent Bravery – Rise Up

American band, My Silent Bravery, has a new single entitled Rise Up. It’s a song that tells the story of overcoming adversity, especially in hard times.  

The music is pop with a beat that lifts people’s spirits, as well as give them hope. The sound parallels to various works by Coldplay and Imagine Dragons, while still having a distinct rhythm in this fantastic composition. It starts slow but increases gradually in tempo in a smooth fashion. The verses have a gradual beat, whereas the chorus has a faster beat. The clapping in the chorus adds a new layer to the song that complements the vibe. The same applies to the guitar heard in the background.  

Matthew Wade’s voice is incredible and husky, singing in a wavy manner. He sings with hope and passion. He sounds positive and optimistic, which is essential during tough times.

The lyrics are inspirational and uplifting. There’s modern poetry that is refreshing and creative. The metaphors and similes heard in the verses represent the worries and anxiety that many people feel, especially with the news of COVID-19 Pandemic. The first example is the game face, which represents not showing fear towards any adversity coming our way. The second example is the wolves, which are a metaphor for the nightmares and peoples that want to knock us down. The same goes for the simile of the vultures. The analogy of fire is a symbol of the strength and passion within us in the face of adversity. The language is rich in meaning and imagery. It’s incredible! 

    The repetition of the sentence “We Will Rise Up” is a reminder that one can overcome anything in life. Still, perseverance and hard work are essential in this. There’s a remarkable sense of hope in the lyrics. Thank you for the positive message!

The single Rise Up is available.

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