Les Hay Babies -Boîte aux Lettres A 70s Vibe Album

Canadian group, Les Hay Babies have released a new album entitled Boîte Aux Lettres (A Box of Letters). The overall themes are Love and Storytelling.

The music is Indie Folk/Musique Francophone. It parallels to the works of The Mamas and The Papas, and The Beatles (the early 70s). The instruments of folk, such as the banjo, have a distinct presence throughout the album. One can hear the Woodstock vibe in the record, the feeling of 1969. There’s also Acadian music that adds flavour to the sound, as Les Hay Babies are from New Brunswick.   Entre Deux Montagnes (Between Two Mountains) is a tune that parallels to Here Comes The Sun by the late George Harrison. It’s incredible the mix of musical styles.

The members of Les Hay Babies, Julie Aubé, Katrine Noël, and Vivianne Roy have incredible voices that complement each other nicely. Their vocal styles have a 70s feel to them mixed smoothly with contemporary styles. The song Jacqueline reminds of the song Parole Parole performed by Dalida and Alain Delon. It’s impressive their singing styles. Wow!

The lyrics have a vibrant linguistic mix of French and English, which is common in some regions of New Brunswick. The flow of the songs is natural and easy-going, with an edge and attitude at times. The stories are rich in imagery and metaphors. The tunes have words that remind me of songs by France Gall, Sylvie Vartan, Catherine Lara, and Emmanuëlle, etc.  Almost Minuit (Almost Midnight) has a rock that’s similar to Joan Jett’s version I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll

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