Luce Dufault’s Latest Album Dire Combien Je t’aime

Canadian Artist Luce Dufault has released a new album entitled Dire Combien Je t’aime (Saying How Much I Love You). The themes are love, life and everything in between. 

The music is French Pop (or Musique Francophone). The album has a soothing sound, a calming melody. It has a style similar to European music that reminds me of classic French songs from the 70s. 

Luce Dufault’s voice is husky and flowy done with style and wisdom. Her vocal style parallels to that of Sylvie Vartan and Isabelle Boulay. 

The lyrics are rich in metaphors, symbols and references to cultures. Listening to these songs is like hearing classic French literature. The stories that Luce Dufault tells are personal as if we have access to her journal. She also has a song that pays tribute to the late Leonard Cohen entitled La Chanson De Cohen (Cohen’s song). Her songs are full of life in them.

The album Dire Combien Je T’aime is available

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