Single Saturdays: Loony – Good Game

Canadian singer Loony has released a single entitled Good Game. It’s a story about a woman whose partner mistreats her in their relationship (i.e. not calling her, no texts, etc.). Kira Huszar wrote and composed the song.

The music is R&B/Soul. The beat has an intensity to it with a stop-effect and heaviness. It reflects the emotions of the woman feels well. The rhythm is incredible and rich in tonalities. It starts with a lovely guitar solo that reminds me of Alternative music. Also, there’s a parallel to Rihanna’s songs, including Rude Boy. The composition is well-structured and smooth. Bravo to Kira Huszar!

Loony’s voice is rhythmic and reaches a high note perfectly. She expresses anger, as well as confusion. Her singing style is similar to Emma Beko from Heartstreets and Rihanna.

The lyrics are expressive and incredible. The story of someone playing with our emotions is one with which many of us can relate. The song has e a bold poetic style song that is empowering because the woman realizes her partner is lying to her. Kira Huszar did a magnificent job of capturing the raw emotions of the tune, which one can truly feel. 

The single Good Game is available.

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