First Album Fridays: Maritta Hallani- Maritta

 After hearing Maritta Hallani’s latest single Eza Feek Tensa, I wanted to review her first album from 2018, in honour of Women’s History Month. The themes of the record are love and heartbreak, as well as life in general.  

The music is Arabic Pop. There’s a lovely variety in musical tempos and beats. The musical compositions parallel to the works of Nancy Ajram and Suad Husny. There’s a delightful touch of Western music, including techno and alternative, giving it a modern feel to it. The song Eli W Melki (You are mine and mine alone*) parallels nicely to Najwa Karam’s tunes Taa Khabik (Come and Hide) and Ma Bakhbi Alayk (I Don’t Hide Anything From You)Another fantastic example is Khayfa Anam (I’m Scared to Fall Asleep), which is similar to Nancy Ajram’s Asaad Allah (To Make God Happy*). There are similarities but still having personal musical style.

Maritta Hallani’s voice is beautiful, sweet, and soulful. She impressively sings in different dialects (i.e. Egyptian and Lebanese). She has a musical style that’s distinct from her famous father, Assi El-Hallani. Her voice reminds me of Carole Samaha and Nancy Ajram in her rhythm of singing.

The lyrics are simplistic but expressive. Whether it’s love or heartbreak, the words describe the various precisely, with authenticity and passion. The songs remind me of the music by the late Sabah, Nancy Ajram, and Nawal El-Zogbi,etc. There’s strategic use of repetition to emphasize the various emotions. The words are well-written and rich in language. The romantic songs are similar to Maritta Hallani’s father. However, the songs are from a woman’s perspective. 

My favourite songs are Akher Marra, Ana, and Khayfa Anam.

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