Single Saturdays: Maritta Hallani – Eza Feek Tensa

Lebanese singer Maritta Hallani has released a new single Eza Feek Tensa (If you can forget). The story is about a girl who is coming to terms with a breakup, but it wasn’t easy in the beginning. Ramy Chafei wrote and composed the song.

The music is Arabic pop. The song starts with a slow melody then slightly increases in tempo. It represents the journey of dealing with a breakup to then accepting it. Ramy Chafei did a fantastic job with the composition. Hearing the piano in the background complements the song perfectly. It nicely reminds me of classic French songs from the 70s. 

Maritta Hallani’s voice is beautiful and empowering. She sings expressively and confidently, which shows courage and strength in dealing with a separation. 

The lyrics are touching and hopeful. There’s a silver lining in the story that inspires women to take charge of their lives and move on to better things. The words have a natural flow to them with incredible poetic rhyming. The subject of breaking up/separation is relatable, and that’s the case in the song Eza Feek Tensa. The lyrics are well-written and full of hope.

The single  Eza Feek Tensa is available.

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