Tenille Townes’ Latest EP Road to the Lemonade Stand

Canadian singer Tenille Townes has released a new EP entitled Road to the Lemonade Stand. The overall themes are love, life, and women empowerment. 

The music is Country. The songs are catchy with musical styles of the 70s and the 80s. The sound of the album parallels to the works of Faith Hill and Shania Twain. There’s a lovely summer vibe to it—the guitar and the piano complement the record. The beat is catchy and exciting. The composition of each song is well-structured with a smooth and natural flow. The rhythm of each tune is perfectly suitable for the mood and the subject matter. When it’s a happy and romantic or inspirational song, it’s upbeat and cheerful, whereas the sad tunes have a slower and heavier pace.  

Tenille Townes’s voice is husky and rhythmic. She sings with authenticity and raw emotions. 

The lyrics are well-written and inspirational. The subject of love is classic, but she also covers the topic of empowerment for women. The song Somebody’s Daughter is a prime example of the importance of encouraging and empowering women and girls everywhere. Stupid Boy is a story about a guy who emotionally damages a woman, and she feels confused and uncertain. That kind of pain is known to many young women out there.  Holding Out For The One is an example of how a woman wants love but wisely waits for the right one. The same applies to the tune White Horse, which also represents the possibility of love but having one’s own identity. 

My favourite songs are Somebody’s Daughter, Holding Out For The One, and White Horse.

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