Single Saturdays: Lili-Ann De Francesco – Et Alors?

Canadian singer Lili-Ann De Francesco has released a radio edit of the song  Et Alors? (and so?). The story is about a couple who focus on one another and don’t let the world influence them.

The music is French Pop. The beat is faster than the original version of the one on Lili-Ann De Francesco’s eponym album with an upbeat sound complementing the song nicely. It changes the perspective of the song uniquely, adding an edge to the love song. Lili-Ann De Francesco and John Nathaniel composed the tune. 

Lili-Ann De Francesco’s voice is soft and rhythmic. She sings with a new vocal style that adds to the new perspective, full of emotion.

The lyrics have a lovely simplicity to them. It’s about a couple who focus on each other and forget the world around the pair. There are beautiful metaphors. The first example is about colours that represent parts of one’s identity. The curtains are a symbol of the mask, hiding one’s true self. However, there’s an inspirational message in the song, which is to be yourself and not care what people thought. The chorus has positivity and hope. 

The radio edit of Et Alors is now available.

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