Single Saturdays: Nawal El Zoghbi – El Aweya

Lebanese singer Nawal El Zoghbi has released a new singled entitled El Aweya (the strong). It’s about a woman who doesn’t put up with nonsense and ends a relationship. 

The music is Arabic Pop. The intensity of the beat that reflects the heartbreak and pain. Fadel Suleiman composed the song with precision and depth to it. The waviness of the sound represents the mixed emotions during a stressful time of separation. Then it ends on a slow note to demonstrate the exhaustion. Some parts of the tune parallel to the classic music, also known as Tarab. The mix of old and new is nicely fused.

Nawal El Zoghbi’s voice is incredible and rich in vocal. She sings with courage but also sadness, which represents how many of us feel following a breakup.  

The lyrics are expressive and full of emotion. On the one hand, the woman thinks about some of the good memories, then remembers the pain the man she loved caused her. I feel that listeners can relate because many of us know that feeling of betrayal and heartbreak. The rhyming is well-done throughout the song with the structures of ABAB and AABB. Mazen Daher wrote the lyrics of El Aweya with a poetic style. 

The single El Aweya is now available. 

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