Matt Holubowski’s Third Album Weird Ones

Canadian and Quebec artist Matt Holubowski has released a new album entitled Weird Ones. The themes are the world of dream and love. 

The music is alternative. The sound is soothing and calming to the mind, just like the feeling of meditation. The guitar in the background is present but also subtle and discreet. The drums also play a significant role in the record. The composition of each song is well-structured and easy to follow rhythmically. It reminds me of the music from the late 60s/70s, including an early hit by Queen’s Doing All Right and the later works of the Beatles. The first half of the record has a slow beat. The song Weird Ones II is a segue to the second half of the album, which has a faster rhythm.  

Matt Holubowski’s voice is soft and graceful. He captures your attention with his smooth singing and story-telling, which reminds me a bit of Fred Pellerin. 

The lyrics have incredible poetry to them that is descriptive, perfect for the listener’s imagination and sense of the dream. The metaphors are apt, sophisticated and well-thought-out. Attention to detail is fantastic, complementing a rich and whimsical language. The feel of the album’s lyrics parallels to Alice and Wonderland. There’s a sense of soul-searching in the songs, which gives the record a lovely depth. The title “mellifluousflowers” is a smart play on words, which demonstrates creativity. I love the overall vibe of the lyrics that are well-written.

My favourite songs are ThoroughfareDown The Rabbit Hole, Eyes Wider, and Moon Rising.

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