Jonny Zye’s First EP I Can’t Wait

American artist Jonny Zye has released a new album entitled I Can’t Wait.    The overall themes are love and romance. 

The music is Country music, with some hints of Pop. The presence of the guitar is a trademark in Jonny Zye’s albums. The music is primarily upbeat and full of joy with a catchy sound. The compositions are lovely and flowy. Jonny Zye’s music is progressing continuously and has improved over the years. The beat is fantastic throughout the record. 

Jonny Zye’s voice is beautiful and bolder with a sweet sound. One can hear the experience in his singing- he has evolved wonderfully as an artist. He sings from the heart with authenticity. 

The lyrics are well-written and easy to follow. The words are romantic and poetic with apt metaphors. There are positivity and hope in the verses that shine through any doubt and worry. The subject of mixed emotions when it comes to love is relatable and timeless. The words are also uplifting and inspirational. One may dream about finding love someday and not to give up. The simplicity in the lyrics is fantastic. 

My favourite songs are I Can’t Wait, Man for YouAngel, and More of You.

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