Single Saturdays: Stephanie Owens Inside Looking Out

American singer Stephanie Owen has a new single entitled Inside Looking Out. It’s a song that is about how to cope with heartbreak, especially during the time of Valentine’s Day.

The music is Country. The beat is slow to reflect the mood of the song. The composition is rhythmic. The instruments heard are the guitar (acoustic, electric, and bass) and drums. Sol Littlefield plays both the acoustic and electric guitar nicely. Steve Haan is the bass guitar player, adding a nice touch to it. A classic choice of instrument for Country music. Lester Estelle plays the drums with style. The fantastic mix of musical instruments was by lead engineer Jonathan Roye. Stephanie Owens and Evan Cline were the incredible producers of the tune. The composition is rhythmic. 

Stephanie Owens’s voice is soulful and sweet, singing with grace and compassion. The background vocals by Stephanie Owens and Grant Vogelfanger are impressive. She conveys hope, understanding and inspiration about coping with heartbreak.

The lyrics have a silver lining to the song Inside Looking Out. The words are poetic and well-written. Freestyle writing represents the roller-coaster of emotions one feels during the difficult time following a breakup. The song is relatable and demonstrates that all hope is not lost, even in the darkest of times. The pain is not permanent, and it reflects so in the chorus. The express Inside Looking Out is an excellent metaphor for a journey of self-reflection and contemplation. The words add a sense of comfort to them.

The single Inside Looking Out is available. 

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