Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram -Albi Ya Albi

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has released a new single entitled Albi Ya Albi (Oh heart, my dear heart). It’s a sweet song about a girl who develops feelings but doesn’t feel ready to commit again, most likely because of a past separation. Nabil Khoury wrote and composed the song. 

The music is Arabic Pop with a fantastic variety in tempo. The beat starts slow, and then it increases in speed to reflect a heart beating fast. The composition is beautiful with the sounds of the guitar and the piano. There’s a lovely romantic vibe heard in the song. The rhythm is smooth and harmonious.

Nancy Ajram’s voice is soft and sweet. She expresses the mixed emotions felt when a new love is blooming, especially when afraid to do so. She sounds cheerful towards the end, which sounds hopeful and optimistic.

The lyrics are expressive of mixed feelings towards love, especially when it feels like a sneaky emotion. The freestyle is incredible, with great rhyming. There’s a lovely simplicity to the lyrics because it doesn’t need any embellishment. The words are perfectly expressive of how one feels in venturing in a new relationship and that it’s okay to be vulnerable. Well-written lyrics! 

The song Albi Ya Albi is available. 

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