Single Saturdays: Ben Adams – 2 by 2

British Pop Star Ben Adams has a new single entitled 2 by 2. It’s a love song about a man who realizes how blessed and lucky he is to be with an incredible person. Ben Adams and Jez Ashurst wrote and composed the song.

The music category is Singer/Songwriter. There’s also a bit of Pop in terms of musical style. The beat is wavy and rhythmic with a sweet sound. The tempo increases slowly, but smoothly in a romantic manner. The composition has a wonderful structure that is easy to follow. It brings joy to hear it. The beat is catchy and unforgettable. The music is complementary to the lyrics.

Ben Adams’s voice is lovely and sweet. He expresses what many people feel in a relationship, especially the occasional worries about the future, but also the joys. He sings with style and grace.

The lyrics are sweet and romantic. There are metaphors, including 2 by 2 and animals, which are references to Noah’s arc. The words are rich in poetry and imagination. There’s a relatable vulnerability in the lyrics that one can appreciate, including having an occasional doubt or fear of something negative that’s going to happen. The emotions are raw and genuine. Love dominates the song and everything wrong in the world. Well-written song!

The single 2 by 2 is available.

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