Single Saturdays: Saratoga – Une Part De L’autre

Canadian and Québecois duo Saratoga has released a new single entitled Une Part De L’Autre (A part of the other one). It’s a poetic song where someone reminisces about a past relationship. 

The music is Musique Francophone/French Pop. The rhythm is slow and smooth, with the piano and the guitar that compliment the song nicely. Listening to sounds of the song reminds of nature, including birds. It’s the reason why it’s the theme song for the Québecois TV series  La Vraie Nature, composed Guillaume Bourque et Ghislain-Luc Lavigne.

The voices of Saratoga’s members Chantal Archambault and Michel-Olivier Gasse are fantastic. They sound soft and sweet. They capture the mood perfectly. 

The lyrics are nostalgic and reminiscent. The words are descriptive, poetic and symbolic, referring to a past relationship, including a face and a perfume. I love the simplicity of the lyrics because it reflects the raw emotions the characters feel in this story. The poetry is incredible and rich in imagery. Chantal Archambault and Michel-Olivier Gasse did a magnificent job writing the words to this lovely song.

The song Une Part De L’Autre is available. You can also hear the tune on La Vraie Nature, season premiere February 9, 2020.  

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