Soundtrack Saturdays: A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

The movie A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood has incredible songs and a fantastic score. There only a few songs but still add value to the film. There’s a lovely nostalgic vibe to the soundtrack. 

The music consists of a variety of genres, including Pop. The flow of the album is smooth and easy to follow. Nate Heller did a fantastic job composing the soundtrack. It reminded me of the same music I heard when I watched the original show by the late Fred Rogers. The piano is the little touch that gives the nostalgic feel to the album. The songs that have the score music are a great indicator of the film’s progression. The Uptown String Quartet has new songs entitled You Are Special and Vibes that has a cheerful tone. 

The artist’s voices are incredible. Tom Hanks captures the essence of Fred Rogers perfectly. He sings two songs, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, and It’s Such A Good Feeling. There are singers whose original hits or covers complement the soundtrack nicely. Cat Stevens has a classic of his entitled On The Road To Find Out; Nick Drake also has an old hit of his entitled Northern Sky. Chris Cooper sings a magnificent cover of the tune Something Stupid. Also, there’s an original by the late Fred Rogers You’ve Got To Do It, which gives the soundtrack a sentimental feeling, as previously mentioned. 

The soundtrack for A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood is available. 

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