Demis Roussos: 5th Anniversary of His Passing

January 25, 2020, marks the 5th anniversary of Demis Roussos’ passing. His career spanned 50+ years with music varying from Folk-Pop to Rock to Schlager. Roussos could play the guitar, bass, and trumpet. He sang in three languages: Greek, English, and French. 

His musical career started when he joined the group The Idols. He would meet his future bandmates Vangelis and Loukas Sideras, of the band Aphrodite’s child. At the same time, Roussos started a solo career with his first single We Shall Dance.  His single Forever and Ever reached the top of the charts in 1973. 

       The 1980s were the decade for French songs such as Quand Je T’aime (when I love you) and  On Écrit Sur Les Murs (we write on the walls). His success continued into the 90s with more hits, including ImmortelSerenade, and In Holland. He went on hiatus from my understanding in the late 2000s. However, he made a comeback in 2009 up until his passing.  

    In March 2015, A posthumous album came out entitled Demis Roussos Collected

Demis Roussos contributed significantly to the music world. My mother introduced me to his music – I was impressed by the timeless sound. I loved hearing East meets West in culture and sound. He was romantic in his songs and sang with passion. He sang a wide variety of genres, making him an authentic artist. It’s also impressive that he sang in different languages, including Greek, English, and French. He sold 60 million copies worldwide, according to BBC, in 2015.  

My favourite songs by the late artist are I Found You, We Shall DanceIsland of Love and Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye. I remember the evening I heard the news of Demis Roussos’ passing – I was saddened, as many were I imagine. He leaves behind an incredible legacy.  

Rest in Peace, Demis Roussos. 

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